The Account screen is where all payment accounts are managed. 

In RewardWorks 4.7, there are three payment types available. Virtual Credit Card, Check and ACH.

Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

Virtual Credit Cards provide the issuer security and real time visibility on the status of each VCC issued.

Each time a payment is generated in RewardWorks, a one time use virtual credit card is created. Upon receipt of the payment advice the vendor runs the card number and receives authorization from American Express. Shortly thereafter American Express releases the funds to the vendor.

There are three types of virtual credit cards that can be issued:

1.    Single-Use – Charged for the exact amount and then goes inactive.

2.    Multi-Use – Charged multiple times, each charge decreasing the balance until the balance reaches zero, then the card goes inactive.

3.    Reloadable – Generates a VCC that can be used for card on file situations or online accounts where you store the static VCC number. When invoices for a reloadable are paid, the sum of the invoice amounts are put onto the card. As the card is charged the balance decreases until it reaches zero. when it remains active but not able to be charged until more funds are put onto it via RewardWorks.

Check / ACH

Check and ACH house the Payer’s banking information. This information is input by the Payer. When setting up a new account, select whether the account being setup is Check or ACH. The required information in the Account Info tab:

•    Account Number

•    Routing Number

•    Bank Name

•    Fractional Routing (if required by payer’s bank)

•    Name on Checks (This is the account owners name)

•    Bank Address

•    Address on Checks

•    Return Address

If the user has a qualifying signature in a .PNG file format, they may use this. Otherwise, they will need to type their name in the Signature text box.

A qualifying signature file must be a png on a transparent background, with limited white space surrounding it and approximately the same size as it will appear on the check.

In the Address Info tab, fill in all the address information.

Setting Up a Bank Account

After filling in the required fields for either Bank or ACH, click on Enroll Bank on the Account Info screen.

A series of windows will appear to guide you through the enrollment process. 

Select your bank from the list or enter your bank’s name in the search box.

After selecting your bank, the process will have you authenticate with your bank.

The login screen from your bank will appear. Your banking institution’s specific process may vary from the following examples however the process should be similar. In the event your bank uses multi-Factor authentication, another window will appear asking you to enter a cod that has been sent to your email or phone.

Multi-Factor authentication window.

Once the validation process is completed, RewardWorks will show the Enroll Status as Active.