Check and ACH Payments

The Check and ACH Payment screen provides real time monitoring of the activity and statuses of all your Checks and ACH payments.

Create Date: Date Check / ACH was issued

Vendor Name: Vendor payment issued to

Type: Displays whether payment was Check or ACH

Status: Current status of payment

Amount: Amount of payment

Check Number: RewardWorks document ID

Status –

There are eight statuses. However some of these statuses are momentary as the payment passes through the payment processor’s system or uncommon actions. The statuses in bold print are the most common you will see.

Pending Release: Payment has been submitted but not screened by check issuing service

Released: Payment has been screened and is ready to be processed

Processing: Checks only - Check is being printed and mailed

Sent: Printed check is in the mail / ACH have been sent through the bank

Posted / Cashed: Check has been cashed and cleared by recipient

Returned: When a printed check has been returned or payment processor

Cancelled: Payment was cancelled before being processed/sent.

Reissued: When a payment gets resent, another payment record is created and the original is marked as being reissued.

Cutoff Times:

The payment processor cuts off payments at the following time on each business day:

Check - Cutoff at 12:00 pm ET

ACH - Cutoff at 7:00 pm ET

Cancelling Payment

A payment can be cancelled as long as its status is Pending Release.




The Check and ACH Payment filter allows for refinement of search criteria. After setting search criteria, click on the Update Status button to execute the search.

Pending: Only displays payments that have not reached the Settled status.

Completed: Only displays payments that have reached Settled status.

All: Shows all Checks and ACH payments (Be sure to include a By Date criteria to avoid long update times).



The information provided on this screen can be exported to a .csv. In the lower right corner there are two report options, Filtered Transactions or All Transactions.

When Filtered Transactions is selected, all records based on the filter settings will be exported to a .CSV file. When All Transactions is selected, filter settings are ignored and all records are exported to a .CSV file.