The vendor screen displays all the vendors that have been imported into RewardWorks. Depending on the configuration of RewardWorks, this screen may show all your vendors or just vendors that can be paid by one of the three payment types, Credit card, Check or ACH.


Sorting and Searching Vendors

On the Vendor screen, you can sort vendors by clicking on the column headers. By default vendors are sorted by name. If you click on the vendor name column header, the vendor order is set to descending order. Clicking on a column header sorts the vendors by the values in that column.

If you start typing the vendor name, RewardWorks will take you to that vendor in the screen.

There is a search box in the upper right corner where you can search by vendor name or vendor number.

Contact Preference –

The default Contact Preference for every vendor is Letter. To update the Contact Preference, click on the drop-down list and select the appropriate method.

Letter: Standard payment advice is generated. No information will be sent to the vendor. The vendor must be contacted or the payment advice must sent to the vendor.  

Phone: Payment advice will have a comment line indicating the vendor must be provided the payment information via phone. The vendors phone number will be included in the message.

Fax: Payment advice will have a comment line indicating the payment advice must be faxed to the vendor. The vendors fax number will be included in the message.

Email: The payment advice will be emailed by RewardWorks to the vendor. A copy of the document will also be emailed to the provided CC address.

Autopay: This option prints a comment line indicating the vendor has already charged the card and not to send or otherwise provide the payment information to the vendor.

Online: When configured, this option will open a tab in the browser and for the vendors online payment portal. After a payment is processed in RewardWorks, a browser tab is opened and the user logs into the site and completes the payment process for the vendor.


Payment Types

There are three payment issuance types available in RewardWorks: Credit Card, Check and ACH.

Credit Card - There are three types of virtual credit cards: Single Use, Multiuse and Reloadable.

Single-Use: Vendor is issued a one-time use virtual credit card number. The vendor must charge the exact amount on the remittance letter. Once the card has been authorized it is no longer active.

Multi-Use: Vendor can charge the card as many times as they need to. Each charge lowers the available balance until the balance hits zero. Once the balance is zero the card is no longer active.

Reloadable: The reloadable virtual credit card is ideally suited where a static, non-changing credit card number is preferred. The most common use is for online payment portals or vendors that require a card on file. RewardWorks creates a reloadable virtual credit card number and puts the funds equaling the payment amount onto the reloadable card. The user enters this credit card number into the account payments settings on the vendors online payment portal. As the card is charged the balance is decreased by the amount charged. When the card balance reaches zero, unlike the single-use or multi-use cards, it remains active. When a new batch of invoices is paid through RewardWorks, the funds are ‘reloaded’ onto the card.



Check – When the vendor is set to be paid via check, the payment processor will issue a check from your bank account and send it to the vendor along with the payment advice. There are seven delivery options to select from.

  • USPS First Class
  • USPS Priority
  • USPS Priority + Sig Conf
  • 2 Day Fedex
  • 1 Day Fedex
  • USPS Priority Express
  • USPS Certified Mail

Billing for the postage charges will be issued monthly by Zevez.

ACH –When ACH is selected payment will be sent to the vendors bank account via ACH from the payment processor. After selecting ACH, there will be four fields for the vendors banking information required by the payment processor. The Bank Name, Account # and Routing number are imported from the vendor file or manually entered on the vendor screen. The Account is a drop-down list that contains the following selections: Checking, Savings, Business.

For more information about requesting Check and ACH, reach out to your Account Representative or contact us at 503-213-1900.