The default screen after RewardWorks loads is the Invoice screen. To populate RewardWorks with invoices, click on the Refresh button in the upper right corner of the screen. You can choose between Refresh Invoices Only or Refresh All.


Refresh Invoices Only imports just invoices and credits. Refresh All imports new vendors, updates existing vendors and imports invoices and credits. Use Refresh All when you need to import new vendors or update an existing vendor in RewardWorks.


While RewardWorks may bring in all open invoices and unapplied credits, the only invoices displayed are ones where the vendor has been set to be paid by credit card, check or ACH.

Sorting, Date Range and Filtering Invoices


Invoices can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. The entire set of invoices will be sorted by the data value in the respective column selected. i.e., if you click on the Invoice Number column header, all the invoices will be sorted in ascending order by invoice number. If you click on the column header again, the invoices will be sorted by descending invoice number.

Date Range

You can limit the invoices available by their Due Date. Check the checkbox for the ‘Display Invoices Due On Or Before:’ and set the Due Date you wish to limit the invoices to.


You can limit displayed invoices to a specific vendor. To filter invoices by vendor, right click one of the invoices for the vendor and select “Show Only Invoices for Vendor”.


Once you have set your sorting, date range and filtering options, select the invoices you wish to pay. After selecting invoices to pay click on “Remove Filter” in the lower right corner of the Invoice screen. You may pay those invoices at this time or set another filter and select invoices for another vendor.

Payment Types:

There are three payment types available, Virtual Credit Card, Check and ACH.

Virtual Credit Card – Virtual credit card number is generated for the vendor to charge.

    There are three types of virtual credit cards:

  1. Single-Use – Vendor charges the exact amount after which the card goes inactive.
  2. Multi-Use – Vendor charges the card multiple times, each charge decreases the available balance until the card balance goes to zero at which point the card goes inactive.
  3. Reloabable – Virtual credit card number that does not change and can have a zero balance. When invoices are processed for a vendor with a reloabable card, the sum of the invoice amounts is placed on the card. As the card is charged the balance decreases. When the balance goes zero the card does not go inactive, however there are no funds on the card so no charges can be placed against it until another payment is processed through RewardWorks. Primary use case is for payment through a vendors online portal. Use the reloabable card number for the payment method on the vendors portal.


Check - A check will be printed and mailed to the vendor by our payment processor.

ACH - An ACH payment will be transferred to the vendor by our payment processor.

Cutoff Times:

The payment processor cuts off payments at the following time on each business day:

Check - Cutoff at 12:00 pm ET

ACH - Cutoff at 7:00 pm ET

For more information about requesting Check and ACH, reach out to your Account Representative or contact us at 503-213-1900.

Payment Account Summary

As invoices are selected, summary data for the selected vendors and Payment Accounts is displayed in the lower portion of the Invoice screen


After all the invoices have been selected for payment, click on the ‘Report On Selection’ button in the lower right corner for a detailed payment batch report.

Example of Report on Selection


Pay Invoices

After invoice selection is completed, click on ‘Pay Invoices’.


Confirm Invoices

The Confirm Invoices screen shows the invoice details for the selected invoices, grouped by vendor.

Click on ‘Accept’ to produce the payment letters and initiate the payment processes.

After the payments have processed RewardWorks will provide a Send Email prompt that will then send the payment letter to the vendor. Each payment will provide this prompt.

For vendors that are paid online, RewardWorks can be configured to launch your browser and take you to the login screen of the vendors online portal. From there you login and complete the payment process in accordance with the vendors online payment processing.

Once the emails have been sent and the browser launched, RewardWorks pops up the payment letters. You can print them, save them as a PDF, Word or Excel document. The payment letters are automatically archived in RewardWorks and can be retrieved at any time.

Example of Payment Advice