Reloadable virtual cards are available as a solution for card-on-file situations, as well as separating charges to a vendor based on a particular job. Once a reloadable card is created for a vendor, that credit card number will not change, meaning it can be registered online, or put on file with a vendor to use for future payments.

The other advantages to using Reloadable Virtual Cards is that, like Single and Multi-Use cards, they help prevent fraud by keeping your physical card number from being utilized. They also allow for you to control the funds available on the card. If you do not have this feature and would like to be upgraded, just let us know and we can get that added at no additional cost.

To set up a vendor for this credit card type, access the 'Modify Vendor' screen for the vendor you want to create a Reloadable card for. Make sure the AMEX box is checked and that you also check the radio button labeled 'Reloadable.'

Once you have the vendors updated, you will be able to generate a reloadable card. From the 'Invoices' screen, check off the invoice(s) you want to pay. You will notice that a dropdown menu appears on the 'Credit Card' column on the screen. Choose the option labeled 'Generate new reloadable."

From there, make the payment like normal. Once you accept the payment, a popup will display, allowing you to name the reloadable card. Make sure it is named something you will recognize such as "Zevez Card On File" or "Job213 Zevez."

The "Make Default" check-box will have RewardWorks default to using this reloadable card for future payments.

Once you click 'OK', the payment letter will populate, however that credit card number will remain static for the remainder of it's lifespan.

The next time you pay that vendor again, you will simply choose the existing reloadable number to add more money to that card.

The Virtual Payments tab will function the same way. Even if you add money to an existing reloadable card, the individual vendor payment will display. You will see that the name of the reloadable card is listed, allowing for you to easily sort by card.

To manage the cards created for a vendor, click the 'Manage Reloadable' from the 'Modify Vendor" screen.

From this 'Reloadable Manager' screen, you can toggle between the different Reloadable cards created for that vendor, as well as see remaining funds or disable any cards created if they are no longer needed.