Some Quickbooks customers experience a delay when they click either Refresh All or Refresh Invoices Only

This delay can be a few minutes or longer and is in direct correlation to the size and stability of your Quickbooks company file. The company file is the file used by Quickbooks to store all your organization's financial information including information about the products and services, customers and vendors, employees and more. When this file becomes overly large or becomes corrupt, it can extend the time required to merge this file with the information in RewardWorks.

Possible Solutions

Use the Refresh Invoices Only button instead of Refresh All

Since the Refresh All button pulls over both invoice and vendor information, this can make the refresh time even longer. It is best to only refresh the invoices unless you know that you have vendor information that needs to be updated as well. While this won't fully solve the issue, it should slightly decrease the refresh time.

Fix Data Damage in your Company File **

It is important to perform routine maintenance on your company file. If you notice slowness or odd behavior in a company file, you can use the file verivication utility to check for errors and you can rebuild it to fix them. More information on this process and links to the necessary tools can be found through one of these Quickbooks help articles:

Create a new Company File**

When you update Quickbooks, it simply adds the new version "stuff" on top of the old, however it maintains the file structure of the old database. If your company file is old, this can create problems. Next time you update your Quickbooks, you may want to create a new company file and migrate any relevant data.

** For assistance, please contact your Quickbooks support team directly.