Search is where you will find all your remittance advice documents. You can reprint, send and void payment batches from this screen.

To reduce the number of payment batches a search request returns, there are several options to select that will fine tune the search results.

  • Within Date Range – Check this box and then enter a start date and an end date
  • All – Return all payment batch records
  • By Vendor – When this is selected, a list will appear of all the vendors that have been paid through RewardWorks. Select the vendor you wish to see
  • By Invoice Number – Enter the invoice number that was paid
  • By Credit Number – Enter the credit number that was used in a payment
  • By Credit Card – Select the Credit Card used to pay the vendor
  • By Invoice Amount – Enter the amount of the invoice
  • Document ID – The RewardWorks transaction number, also known as the Z number

Once you find the payment batch, you can double-click on it in the Search Results to open the archived payment letter. At that point you can print or save it.

Re-sending Emails

For Various reasons, you may find it necessary to re-send a payment letter to the vendor. Once you find the batch using one of the methods above, right-click anywhere on the desired invoice. Choose Vendor and then Send Email from the drop down menu.


  1. To void a payment batch, go to the History tab.
  2. Enter in the search criteria (date range, vendor……) to narrow down the search results.
  3. When you find the payment batch for the vendor, click on any invoice in the batch then click the Void button in the lower right corner.

A prompt will display asking to verify that you want to void the selected payment batch. Click OK to proceed. 

Once the void process has completed, another prompt will display informing you the invoice(s) have been returned to open status in, however you will need to Void Open the transaction in the American Express credit card vendor in Great Plains.