When you launch RewardWorks, the Invoice screen will be empty. In order to populate the invoice screen you will need to perform a Refresh Invoices Only or Refresh All.

Refresh Invoices Only - imports all the open invoices and credits from your accounts payable system.

Refresh All – Adds vendors from your accounting system that have been created since the last time you performed a Refresh All. Vendors that have been edited, such as phone number or email address change, will be updated.

Managing the Invoices Displayed


Sorting Invoices

You can sort invoices by clicking on the column headers. The invoices will sort by the values in the column. For example, to sort by invoice number, click the column header “Invoice Number” and the invoices will be sorted by invoice number in ascending order. Click on the column header again and the invoices will be sorted by invoice number descending.

Display Invoices Due On or Before

Check the Display Invoices Due On or Before box and enter a date and invoices will be displayed with a due date equal to or less than the date entered.


Card Totals / Vendor Totals

These tabs, located at the bottom of the invoice screen, shows the credit card total and the vendor totals for the selected payment batch.

  • Card Totals - shows the total dollar amount that will be transferred the credit card vendor in your accounting system.
  • Vendor Totals  - lists the vendors that have invoices selected, shows the number of invoices selected and the total liability that will be transferred from that vendor to the American Express account in your accounting system. 

Report On Selection

After selecting the invoices for payment, you can click on the Report On Selection button to view the payment batch. This report groups and totals the selected invoices by vendor and provides the batch total.

Selecting Invoices to Pay

To select invoices to be paid, click the check box to the left of each invoice.


To select multiple invoices at a time, right click in any of the columns in the vendor list. This will produce a menu that allows you to:

  • Select All Invoices for that vendor
  • Un-Select All Invoices for that vendor
  • Select All Invoices listed
  • Un-Select All Invoices
  • If you have highlighted a group of invoices, you can Select Highlighted Invoices
  • If you have highlighted a group of invoices, you can also  Un-Select Highlighted Invoices
  • Open the window to Modify that vendor.