RewardWorks will list all the vendors from your accounts payable system, regardless if you are presently paying them via credit card.

You can configure RewardWorks to display all your vendors or only your credit card vendors.

Finding a Vendor

There are several ways to find a vendor. 

  • You can scroll or use your page up/page down keys. 
  • You can click in the Name column and start typing the vendor’s name. This action will take you to the vendor based on the characters you type.
  • You can also use the Search function, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

    As you type the vendor’s name, a list will drop down of vendor’s name matching the text you have entered. When you see the vendor you are looking for, click on that name or use your cursor key to scroll down to the vendor and hit enter.

Once you have found the vendor, you can double click on the vendor, right click and select Modify, or click on the Modify button in the lower right corner of the window.

Enabling Payment by Credit Card

To have the vendor’s invoices show on the Invoice screen, you need to set the vendor to “Accepts American Express”.

  1. Locate the vendor and click Modify Vendor
  2. Under Payment Options, click the American Express box
  3. Click OK

Once this is selected, any invoices and credits the vendor has will available for selection on the Invoice screen.

Contact Preference

Contact preference is the method by which the credit card authorization will be delivered to the vendor. Regardless of which preference selected, the format of the document itself is unchanged. The letter is formatted to be tri-folded for a windowed envelope.

By default, the contact preference for all vendors is Letter. If you add a new vendor, their Contact Preference will be Letter until you change it.

  • Letter – Default contact preference. This option produces a letter that needs to be printed and sent via mail to the vendor.
  • Phone – This will print a comment on the upper portion of the payment letter that the vendor must be contacted by phone. It will also provide the phone number to be used, pulled from your AP system.
  • Fax - This will print a comment on the upper portion of the payment letter that the payment letter must be sent by fax. It will also provide the FAX number to be used, pulled from AP system. 
  • Email – If RewardWorks has been configured to support email, a PDF payment letter will automatically be attached to an email and sent to the vendor.
  • Autopay – This is used for vendors that auto draft your credit card and send you a statement that they have charged your card. Note that Autopay does not create a American Express virtual card but uses the actual American Express card information.
  • Online – Upon paying a vendor with this contact preference, your web browser will launch and connect to the vendor’s web portal. A window will indicate the amount the vendor is due. If there are multiple vendors in the payment batch that are set for online payment, a separate tab will be opened for each.  To configure this setting, simply copy and paste the web URL of the vendor’s payment portal in the space provided when you select Online.

Print Options 

You can control whether the following information is printed on the remittance advice letter for each vendor:

  • Print Expiration Date
  • Print Full Credit Card Number
  • Print Card Holder Address
  • Print Card Holder Name
  • Print Security Code

The checked items above are set as default. The others would need to be activated for each relevant vendor.

NOTE: Virtual cards must include the Expiration Date, Full Card Number and Security Code, as they will not be valid without this information. Un-checking these options for Virtual Cards will have no effect. 


Conditional Options

Some vendors may have terms or conditions when paying invoices with American Express. There is an area within RewardWorks where this information is located and can prompt you when you attempt to pay them.

When paying a vendor that has a condition, you will receive a prompt stating the Terms of Acceptance during the payment process:

There are three status levels for conditions:

  • Accepted – When you select Accept on the prompt during payment, your selected invoices will be paid.
  • Declined – When you select Declined on the prompt during payment, the vendor will be un-selected as accepting American Express and their invoices will not be available to pay on the invoice screen.
  • Deferred – When you select Accept on the prompt during payment, the invoices for the vendor will be un-selected. The vendor will remain as an American Express accepting vendor.

American Express Virtual Card Options

VCC Type

On a vendor by vendor basis, you can decide if either Single-Use or Multi-Use virtual cards should be used. Single-Use virtual cards allows a vendor to use a virtual card a single time for the exact amount authorized on the payment letter. However there are times when a vendor may need to process each invoice on a payment letter individually. In that case, Multi-Use virtual cards should be used. A Multi-Use token allows a vendor to use the card multiple times up to, but not exceeding the full authorized amount. You will be able to see the amount left on a Multi-Use virtual card but you will not be able to identify to which invoices payment has been applied.

Proxy Pay

For customers who meet the American Express criteria for Proxy Payments, this feature will be enabled.