This is a quick user guide of how to do a basic pay run with Reward Works:

  1. Before launching Reward Works, make sure your accounting software is open and the user is logged in. Once you are logged into your accounting software, launch RewardWorks.

  2. After RewardWorks finishes loading, you will need to import your current invoices and credits. Click the Refresh Invoices Only button.
    If you have added or updated a vendor or added another credit card vendor, perform a full refresh by clicking the Refresh All button.
  3. Click the Invoices Tab.
  4.  Select the invoices you would like to pay by clicking the box on the left side of the corresponding invoice.

  5.  After you have selected your batch, click the Report on Selection button. This generates a detailed report of each invoice you have selected to pay, grouped by vendor.

  6. Print the Report on Selection. This report, as with any report in RewardWorks, can be exported to a PDF, Word or Excel file for you to store in a location of your choice.
  7.  Close the Report on Selection. Click Pay Invoices

  8. Review the batch you have selected, matching the totals accordingly. Once you have verified the batch is correct and would like to finalize it, click Accept
  9.  Once the payment has processed correctly, RewardWorks will generate the Payment Advice. This will act as the “check” that you deliver To your vendor either by mail, phone, fax or email.