RewardWorks uses your organization's email server to send payment letters to your vendors. Therefore, if you change your email or Active Directory password, or if you have implement two-factor authentication, you may receive an Email Send Failure like the one below. Follow these steps in order to resolve this issue.

  1. Login to your email account outside RewardWorks using your current password.

    FOR GMAIL ACCOUNTS go to the website and login with your Gmail email and password. You will see the screen below once logged in. Set the toggle  to allow less secure apps. You should be able to login to RewardWorks after turning the switch on.

    FOR OFFICE 365 with two-factor authentication, login to the Office365 website. Go to my account page, select security & privacy then click on additional security verification. Create an app password then login using that password in RewardWorks. You may use the link below for reference.

    See below screenshot for sample app password

  2. Retype your email account password under Email Settings password field and then click apply.

  3. Send a test email by clicking the Test button.

  4. Type your email address on the “To” field and click the Send button.

  5. You will receive a similar email to your Inbox if it was successfully sent.