With Virtual Payments, a unique, one-time credit card number is created each time you pay a vendor. This unique number is authorized for use only by the specified vendor for the specified amount, creating an additional level of security, as well as visibility of when your vendors are completing the transaction.

To view your virtual payments:

  1. Go to the Virtual Payments section in RewardWorks.
  2. Choose the desired card under Active Cards.
  3. Click on the Update Status button.

This will show you all of the virtual cards you have created and their statuses. You may wish to limit the results in one of the following methods:

  • Show Un-Settled virtual payments only
  • Show Settled virtual payments only
  • Show Virtual Payments created within a specified Date Range

There are five different Statuses that may be given for any virtual card. These are:

  • Payment Sent - The virtual card has been created but has not been processed.
  • Authorized - The vendor has initiated the payment process 
  • Settled - Payment has been sent to vendor and virtual payment number has used. Payment is complete.
  • Declined - Payment has been sent to vendor but was declined when vendor attempted to process. This could be for various reasons including that they attempted to charge an incorrect amount.
  • Expired - The expiration date has past making the virtual payment number no longer valid. 

View Payment

If you put a check the box for any specific payment in the list of payments and then click View Payment, the payment letter and the unique virtual card number for that specific payment will be displayed. 

Update Expiration

When a virtual card is created, the expiration date is set for thirty days. This date is displayed in the Expire Date column. If you need to change this expiration date for any reason, you can do so by clicking on the Update Expiration button and selecting a new date. 


If you put a check the box for any specific payment in the list of payments, and then click Delete, the unique virtual number for that payment will be deleted. This does not void the payment, but only cancels the unique card number.

Re-Create Virtual Card

If a virtual card expires before it can be used, then that virtual card is no longer usable. You can create a new virtual number to the same vendor for the same amount without having to reprocess the payment in your accounting software. To do so:

  1. Click the check box of the expired virtual card.
  2. Click the Re-create button.

This will create a new payment letter with a new token that needs to be provided to the vendor. If the contact preference for the vendor is set to email, you will be given the option to send the new payment letter via email.


If you put a check the box for any specific payment in the list of payments, and then click Void, this will void this entire batch of payments. A prompt will display asking to verify that you want to void the selected payment batch. Click OK to proceed. 

Once the void process has completed, another prompt will display informing you the invoice(s) have been returned to open status. However, you will still need to Void Open the transaction in the American Express credit card vendor in Great Plains. 


You can export the list of payments and their status to Excel.

To do so:

  1. Click the Browse button to determine the location where the Excel file should be saved. 
  2. Click Export to export only those payments listed, for example if you have selected a specific date range. Or, click Export All to export all virtual card payments.