Two separate reports may be needed to complete your analysis.  


To create a list of vendors with contact information:

From the CDK Quick Launch menu, type in function RPG to enter the Report Generator

Step 1– Select Add New Report – Press Enter

Step 2– Select Print a Report (List) – Press Enter

Step 3– Select the appropriate Company to use – Press Enter

Step 4– Select Name File – Press Enter

            This will take you to a screen with headingENGLISH PROCESSOR

Step 5– Select option 2 to enter Selection Criteria – Press Enter

Step 6– From the criteria list, highlight Name Code/Control Type (1) and Enter an equal sign(=) and type the number 2.


At this point in the process, you will see WITH N-CD EQ “2”under the Selection Criteria heading


Step 7– Select option 4to enter Output Fields– Press Enter

Step 8– From the criteria list, highlight each of the following fields and select them by pressing the “.” key 





                        Zip/Postal Code

                        Name1 Company Name

                        Name2 Company Name



                        YTD AP Payments



Step 9– Press E to get back to the main ENGLISH PROCESSOR screen, press to save the report. Enter a report name such as ZEVEZVENDORLIST and press Enter. Then press to exit the ENGLISH PROCESSOR.


Step 10– From the tool bar on the far right hand side of ADP Drive, select the Report and Analyzetab. Now click on the Enhanced Report Generator link under the General heading.


Step 11– Select ZEVEZVENDORLISTreport from General Ledger Reports and the results will display.

Step 12– Click the Exportbutton from the menu bar at the top.

Step 13– Save As Your Company NameVendor Liston the desktop